How MS BI drives Business Intelligence?. . . Part 1

MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence), comprises set of tools which provide best nailing solutions for Business Intelligence engagements. These set of tools use Visual Studio interface and a part of SharePoint services along with SQL Server. MSBI offer different tools for different processes required in BI solutions.

Below is a general architecture of BI Projects and set of MS BI tools to facilitate the processes:

Basically division of MS BI tools is in three different categories here it covers all the area of BI solutions as mentioned in processes of BI Solutions (post What is BI).

Different abbreviations used in diagram are:

  • OLTP Online Transaction Processing
    DW Data Warehouse
    DM Data Mart
    BISM Business Intelligence Semantic Model
    DMi Data Mining

A brief intro to the different terms:

Different Sources:

An upper bound name for all the different kind of data sources an organization can possess. These data sources have data for various purposes and stored in different mediums like SQL Server Database, Oracle, MS Access, Excel, Text, Flat files, etc. It’s about the diversity of information stored.

For example:

  1. Organization can have different branches across the globe and so data is spread at different locations
  2. Organization can have different departments so type of information is different for each department
  3. By the period of time, Organization can have different storage medium for data from legacy to new upcoming technologies for data storage.

Storage medium for data are required here (for e.g. SQL Server) but no other MSBI tool. In spite of this diversity of data in organizations, we need all the data for our completion of analytics.

We are covering other terms in next post as “How MS BI drives Business Intelligence?. . . Part 2”.


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  1. Nice explonation……..

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