Monthly Archives: October 2012

Tabular Model doesn’t support Data Mining

“BI Semantic Tabular Model doesn’t support data mining”. If you want to implement data mining same as Multidimensional Model (SSAS). . . . here is a break . . . this is not possible. Reason for this is Multidimensional Model (SSAS) and Data Mining model is work on OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) architecture but if you deal with Tabular Model, it is same old relational modeling (just termed as In-Memory and DirectQuery).

Hope, Tabular Model will capture Data Mining as one of it’s assets in next release. Increasing popularity of Tabular Model need to have this additional feature to run in a long term.

Along with Data Mining, there are few other features provided in Multidimensional Model but lacking in Tabular Model solutions under Visual Studio 2010 interface.

Few popular ones are:

  1. Actions: Additional tab in Multidimensional Cube designer, which allows few triggers in cube development. Tabular model doesn’t have this feature. 😦
  2. Aggregations: Tab in Multidimensional Cube designer, which allows additional aggregations to the cube database. Tabular Model lags in this feature.
  3. Custom Assemblies: We can add reference of custom assemblies in Multidimensional Cube but Tabular Model doesn’t have this flexibility.
  4. Many to Many Relationships: We have direct option for adding many to many relationships in Dimensions and Facts for Multidimensional Cube design. This is one of the option but in Tabular Model we need to do some DAX manipulation for this implementation else no direct way.
  5. Translations: Again a direct option in Multidimensional Cube designer but lack in Tabular Model designer solutions.