Tabbed SSRS Reports

Creating a tabbed report in SSRS will be same as creating good UI report using HTML, JQuery etc.

Even with countless properties of SSRS there is no direct way to create a tabbed report architecture containing 3-4 reports based on different tabs. I just found an example while browsing images. Requirement for such type of report are:

  1. 6 Tabs
  2. Each tab with a different report
  3. Highlight the Active Tab

Tabbed SSRS Report Example

I tried to build a report combining different reports as desired using SSRS.

If you look for this problem on WWW, you might get only solution as using TOGGLE properties of TextBoxes (used as Tab in report) and based on Expand and Collapse it will show and hide different reports for different Tabs.

But believe me it doesn’t look good (added Expand/ Collapse symbol on tab and No way to highlight Active tab), and at least didn’t solve my problem (Show and Hide didn’t work properly).

I used Action property to solve my problem and really it worked well, as per expectations.

Steps followed to create Tabbed SSRS report:

  1. Create Individual Reports belonging to each Tab
  2. Create a common Tab bar with all the required tabs. I created two Australia and Germany. Paste this common tab bar across all the reports at same location.
    Tip: I will suggest create one report with Tab and table (or graph), and copy paste same report for making multiple copies with different data.
  3. In each report, add color of Tab as highlighted one. Here in below example I have created two tabs for two reports: One for Australia (so color is highlighted for Australia and other for Germany). Below are the screenshot for same (Red tab for Australia and Green tab for Germany).
    • Tabs in SSRS Report
  4. So two reports with common ribbon of tabs are prepared. Now it’s time to set actions for reports. Before that here is the screenshot of my solution explorer for code:
    SSRS Solution Explorer
  5. Start with GeoReport_Australia report. Go to report and right-click on TextBox for Germany (yes, as you want Germany tab to work on Australia report).Below are the steps of what you need to do here:
    Steps for Tabbed report
    In Australia report, right-click on Germany tab then in option Action select Go to Report and provide the report in Specify a report.
  6. Same thing is to be done on Germany report for Australia tab. Similarly it can be implemented on multiple tabs of reports.
    Tabbed SSRS report

That’s it, these are few simple steps to create tabbed report in SSRS and hence you can see flexible and cool running report with dynamic tabs. 🙂

Note: If you need zipped code solution please mention your e-mail address in comments.


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  1. Great solution and great approach, am looking for something like that thank you for sharing Digvendra…. would you mind send me the code or the zip file for this report i appreciate it that in advance to my email;

  2. Great post! Would appreciate the file:

  3. Hello, This really helped. Thanks. However, I have an issue at hand. The two tabbed repors accept start date and end date parameters. HOw can I ensure the selected dates on the first report are passed on to the next tabbed report?

    • Hi Biizzle, passing one parameter to other report requires two reports to be linked somehow. Like sub reports. Same goes for action. Create two same parameters in both reports. Look at the step 5 above while creating the action link add parameter to pass from one report to another. It should work out. 🙂

  4. Very elegant solution for tab rendering. Would you mind sharing the zipped version of solution?

  5. Great article to create Tabs in SSRS with different Reports.Is it possible to maintain single Report with multiple Data-sets?

    • Practically its impossible. But still using LOOKUP functions we can do that, along with millions of limitations like grouping, dynamic behavior of matrices etc. Still Lookup functions have been life savor in these kind of cases.

  6. Great savior! It helped me solve one part of my business requirement. But I need to export the different tabbed reports in different tabs of an excel workbook. Can we do this using this approach. Or any other way? Please help. Its urgent!!


  7. Can you send me the file please?

  8. Nice article.. can you send the example to


    Please share the code

  10. Can you please email me the following solution?

  11. Exactly same requirement i need to implement. I felt it’s impossible….great work.
    Please share the code

  12. This worked great for me. Thank you!

  13. Could you send a zipped copy of the code to Tgabjs

  14. Excellent article. Thanks a lot!

  15. Can we have an column auto filter in SSRS similar to excel, where for a particular column on a dropdown click we can select one of the values for that column ?

    • Dear sorry for late response . .. i don’t think we have this functionality in SSRS. I can only suggest you to have parameters same name as column (along with other parameters). . then make them “not required” . . .so when you enter a value of column list and press enter it will give you a filtered result.

  16. . Please share the sample file

  17. Sharyn Barbiero

    Perfect for what i’m working on! TY please send file 🙂

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