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Limitations of Power View reporting

As we know, Power View reporting is coming up as the coolest tool for reporting. It provide metadata directly to end user and with its numerous options, end user can create many fancy reports. But here, I want to highlight few Limitations of Power View reporting, which I faced while working on it. These limitations will help you to decide whether it suits your requirement or not.

1. Only possible data source for Power View reporting are:

         a. Power Pivot File uploaded in SharePoint Power Pivot Gallery

         b. Cube deployed in Tabular Model instance of Analysis Services (i.e. deployed from BI Semantic Tabular Model)

2. We cannot get KPIs in Metadata pane of Power View reporting
3. We cannot get Hierarchies of Power Pivot or Tabular model in Metadata of Power View Reporting

Note: KPI and Hierarchies are added as new features of Power Pivot and Tabular Model, still we cannot use these in Power View reporting

4. We can export a Power View reports only as MS Office Power Point files. All the views of Power View will be converted into different slides of the Power Point

5. We cannot Print complete Power View report (i.e. with all the views) in one go. Print of only one view at a time (active view while viewing the report) is possible.

6. We don’t have any filtration option like TOP 10. We cannot filter number of rows in any order. Ascending and descending is only possible through clicks on Column Name.