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Top 5 Books to understand Business Intelligence and its need

Found this great article on top 5 books on Business Intelligence. These books are really awesome to understand what is business intelligence and how it can be utilized in any field of organization. Few of the following books also demonstrate how business intelligence is a tool for long life of any business and how it is must for future.

You can find these books at (Click on photos or name of books)

          1. Business Intelligence for Dummies
            (Price: Rs. 523/ 4 Star rating with 33 Customer)
          2.  Business Intelligence Guide Book
            (Price: Rs. 2435/ 4 Star rating with 16 Customer)
          3. Successful Business Intelligence, Second Edition
            (Price: Rs. 600/ 4.5 Star rating with 16 Customer [Amazon US])
          4. Business Intelligence Roadmap
            (Price: Rs. 751/ 4.5 Star rating with 30 Customers)
          5. Business Intelligence Strategy
            (Price: Rs. 1619/ 4.5 Star rating with 15 Customer [Amazon US])

Find the full detail on books and this good post here:

5 Business Analytics and BI Books That Should Be On Your Reading List